The Snow is Not So Great

January 26, 2010 at 2:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I knew this day was coming – the day the snow stops being pretty and starts making me pissy.

For me, this day was yesterday.

As I made my way to work I was reveling in the fact that the snow which had been covering every surface for weeks had finally fully melted.  It was just so nice to look around and see grass or, more often than not in the city, pavement.  I walked into my office with a smile on my face and looked forward to a walk home on dry land.  Six hours later I looked outside my window and saw it was snowing.

It wasn’t even a good snow.  At this point in the winter, I think it should either snow a lot or simply get off the sidewalk.  This light dusting isn’t doing it for me, for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it makes everything look like a desolate wasteland and only highlights the fact that all greenery is currently dead.  It is also misleading, because a mere sprinkle of snow can easily hide random patches of ice that threaten to take me out every single step.  Precipitation can be tricky like that.

So now I’m back to walking around and staring at mushy, graying piles of ick.  It’s probably not going to get warm enough over the next few days to melt the stuff from the joke of a storm we had last night so I guess I’m just going to have to deal with it.  It’s in my nature to rebel though and I am so sick of seeing gray everywhere I look.  The sky, the ground, the grass, my skin…wait, that last one isn’t actually gray, it just feels like it is.  What can I do, other than pack a bag and disappear to someplace warmer?  That’s always an option but I’ve become rather used to having this thing called a paycheck and I’d rather not put that in jeopardy.  I suppose for now I’ll just find a picture of a beach to fantasize about while I bust out my winter boots once again.


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