Apparently it’s Football Season?

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I will admit, I’m not a huge sports fan.  I like to play them more than anything else though there are a few I’ll sit down and watch.  I get into basketball and volleyball, don’t mind baseball and can feign interest in everything from soccer to bowling.  Football, however, is something I’ve never been able to understand.  Perhaps I would like it more if I actually took the time to learn the ins and outs of the game, but to me it’s just a bunch of big, burly guys pushing each other down, waving flags and wearing tights.  Seriously, tights?  I think the game is stopped entirely too often and I don’t understand what’s exciting about watching that pigskin advance down the field, three feet at a time.  I don’t mean to offend and I know that many of you out there are twitching in your seat and rolling your eyes as I’m bashing your favorite Sunday pastime.  Suck it up, I’m not finished yet.  FOUR HOURS per game?  What is that?!  Here is a brief list of more entertaining things I could do in four hours:

drive most of the way to my mom’s house

build an enormous fort using every pillow I own, tear it down, build it again, tear it down…etc.

make four pies from scratch

get knocked up (if I were a guy I could probably impregnate at least five separate women in this time)

paint my bathroom

fly to California

get my tubes tied

walk from my apartment to Lake Michigan and back

work an entire half day

beat Super Mario Brothers 3 (okay, this might take me a bit longer than four hours…it’s been a while)

There are many more things I could add to this list but you get the idea.

I don’t mean to sound so cynical.  It seems everyone I know is into football and this season is certainly no exception.  I’ve had to live with it for as long as I can remember and it’s especially awesome since my birthday usually falls around the Super Bowl.  Remember when the Colts played the Bears for the championship?  Yup, that was literally ON my birthday and I was kindly informed by all of my friends that unless I held a Super Bowl Party, I would be sitting solo all day long.  I acquiesced and we ended up having a party where the game played on an entire wall (thanks to an ill-gotten projector).  Personally, I thought the Puppy Bowl was more exciting but I was nice and let everyone else watch the game.  I cheered for the Colts because I lived in Indiana, but in all honestly I didn’t really care who won.  I was there for the beer and the birthday cake.  And because I lived there.

This year is proving to be slightly different, if for no other reason than genetics.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last twenty four hours and/or do not have access to the Facebook livefeed, it’s going to be a Colts vs. Saints Super Bowl this year.  Obviously many, many people I know are wetting themselves due to the Colts being in the big game once again and I know most of my family is no exception.  Most of my northern family, that is.  My southern family members are also wetting themselves but it’s in anticipation of the Saints going to the Bowl.  I was having my weekly ten minute phone conversation with my father last night and this was all he could talk about.  He said that the state of the French Quarter right now makes Mardi Gras look tame and though I don’t believe too much that comes out of his mouth, I believe that.  In honor of my southern roots I tried to catch the tail end of the Saints game last night.  I flipped back and forth between the game and an episode of The Simpsons I had on DVD (I attempted to just stick to football, but I couldn’t do it).  I saw the game go into OT and then flipped back in enough time to see the winning kick (field goal?  Am I using that phrase properly?) and the Saints win it.  I have to admit, it made me smile because thanks to my father I know how many years the Saints have sucked and I always like a good underdog story.

And now I find my non-enthused self torn in a half-assed way.  I’ll probably at least be in the vicinity of the Super Bowl game while it’s playing so I feel like I should prepare myself to root for one team or another.  Which team shall it be?  The Colts, who hail from my home state and whom the majority of my friends and family will be cheering for?  Or the Saints, who are also of my roots and have never even seen the Super Bowl?

Underdogs it is.  Geaux Saints!

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  1. kara said,

    this is awesome! you used so many football terms! 🙂

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