As Seen on the Bus

January 21, 2010 at 3:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

As I’ve mentioned before, the public transportation system in Chicago enables me to do a fair amount of people watching, which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes.  Take, for instance, the guy I saw on the bus on my way to volunteer last night.  He sort of resembled Zorro, minus the mask, sword and charisma.  He was a larger gentleman sitting against a window and he had on a black leather-ish cowboy hat.  He also had on very large sunglasses, which was appropriate since it was quite dark outside.  None of this was too strange but the avocado pit he was rubbing between his hands did strike me as a bit odd.  It might not have actually been an avocado pit but I’m pretty sure that it was.  I think he stared out of the window during his entire ride but I can’t be sure due to the reflective nature of his sunglasses.  The thing that I choose to believe was an avocado pit was tossed from hand to hand and also rubbed against his leg.  I tried not to stare but I was curious and so I’m sure my gaze was noticed.  At least he didn’t follow me off the bus.

After my evening at the food pantry (which was extremely hectic as we were short staffed and there was a “situation” which called for police intervention…in short, drunk people should not be allowed in the pantry) I once again boarded the bus.  This time I was treated to the sight of a man with an iPhone problem.  Or rather, a problem seeing his iPhone.  He was totally absorbed in the device and his face was about thisclose to the screen.  I don’t think you could have fit a sheet of paper in between his nose and the phone.  At first I thought maybe he was looking at something with super small print but he continued to use his phone in this way for the duration of my bus ride.  Isn’t there an app that works as a magnifying glass?  If not, there should be and this kid should buy it.

I suppose if I was cool enough to own one of those fancy cell phones then I would be able to take pictures of these interesting bus riders to post here on this site.  Too bad my current phone takes pictures about as well as a soup can.  And really, I would feel like a creep if I was  anonymously posting pictures of strangers on my blog.

Speaking of soup cans, I have a rant I need to share.  I went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some things for lunch and I decided that I should load up on soups, since it’s a good winter meal and all.  I wanted something that wasn’t laden with sodium and high fructose corn syrup, both of which are apparently abundant in the souping industry.  I came across the Healthy Choice brand and became excited because I like vegetables that cook in microwaves.  As I began reading the labels of the cans, however, my excitement quickly turned into frustration.  Every single can had either beef stock, animal fat or chicken stock in its ingredients.  EVERY CAN.  I can understand it to an extent but when soup otherwise labeled as tomato or vegetable is secretly laden with animal product, I find it misleading.  What’s a vegetarian to do?  Write a letter to the company?  Well, that’s what I did.  Who knows if I’ll ever get a response from them but it made me feel a tad better to question their motives.  I guess I’ll need to find a good soup recipe and take care of things myself!


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