Recipe Time

January 20, 2010 at 3:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m short on time today so I figured I would simply post about what I had for dinner last night, as it was damn delicious.  As a relatively single twenty-something living alone, I will admit that I don’t cook too often.  It’s difficult to get into making a huge meal for just one person so I usually keep my dinners quick and easy during the week.  That and I’m also somewhat tired by the time I get home so when my couch is begging me to join it for an evening it’s hard to get motivated to do much else.  I’m not above cereal for dinner.  I pay my bills and I’ve earned the right to eat kid’s breakfast foods anytime I please.

I do eat things besides cereal and cookies (sometimes).  I do most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and they have lovely frozen options for the frugal and lazy, such as myself.  Case in point – these eggplant cutlets that are conveniently boxed up and ready to go.  I realize that not all of my readers will dig the whole eggplant thing, but as a herbivore I’ve found it to be a nice vegetable that adds flavor and texture to many a meal.  I had some of these in my freezer last night and as I looked around to see what I could create with such an item, inspiration struck.  I already had some fresh mozzarella, pesto and marinara sauce (the sauce already had fresh carrots, zucchini and garlic added to it from a pasta dish last week) and I also had bread, so I was set.  The eggplant cooked in a skillet and as it browned I added slices of mozzarella and the veggie-filled marinara sauce.  I toasted my bread, spread on some pesto and put it all together.  I then cooked the whole thing on the stove top for a few more minutes, to ensure it was all nice, warm and freshly melted.  Voila, a tasty eggplant sandwich that took less than ten minutes to make!

I was going to take a photo of my dish to add to this here post, but the internet I coughstealcough at my apartment has been evasive this week and I don’t know when it will come back.  I’m sure you’re creative enough to imagine a sandwich though, or at least I sincerely hope you are.  Either way, take my word for it that it was a tasty dinner.  If you ever want to try one of my creations just let me know – cooking for two is always more fun and I like to play hostess anyway.  You bring the wine and I’ll cook the eggplant!



  1. Peggy said,

    sounds delish paige!

    • webpaige said,

      Thanks Peggy…you should try some veggie dishes on your blog!

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