Heat Wave!

January 15, 2010 at 3:51 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Sort of.

This week marked the first days that the temperature has been above freezing since Christmas (which was 23 days ago, not that I’m counting).  I even managed the 1.8 mile walk home from the train yesterday so you know it’s a little warmer.  The snow that has been decomposing all over the place is almost gone for good and the weather forecast says the next ten days will stay in the 30’s.  The 30’s!  Everyone around my office is talking about how nice and balmy it is outside and I must say, I agree.   I also realized I am officially a Chicagoan because I’m excited about temperatures above freezing.

What am I going to do with this burst of warmth?  Sunbathe, swim in the lake, wear sandals and install my window air conditioning unit?  Not quite.  I will, however, enjoy wearing one less layer of clothing every day.  Perhaps I’ll even switch to the lighter of my winter coats.  Mostly I’ll be enjoying the fact that my face doesn’t begin to freeze the minute I walk out of my apartment.

This sudden switch to warmer weather really messes with my head.  After weeks that barely topped out in the upper teens, it now feels as though Spring is on it’s way.  However it would be foolish to actually start to believe that, because everyone knows that February is the coldest, dreariest and most miserable month of the year.  I keep having to remind myself that the weather is only going to get nastier and the worst of winter is far from over.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the day of my birth falls in February I would say we could do without the month altogether.

Well, I plan on enjoying the warmth while it lasts.  I think tomorrow it could actually hit 40 degrees, in which case I will be playing outside in a tank top and shorts.  Or doing errands outside in appropriate winter wear but with a large grin on my face.  Only time will tell.


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