New Decade of Blogging

January 4, 2010 at 2:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I hope everyone’s New Year/New Decade is off to a swell start!  My year so far (all four days of it) has been eventful, to say the least.  I had two super great friends from my college days come in town late last week and they’re actually staying through this week as well, so you can imagine the hijinks we’re getting each other into (yes, this includes watching the classic film Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead).  I’m so glad they came because I miss the hell out of them both and they are probably two of my absolute favorite people, ever.  They’re also dating so I enjoy teasing them relentlessly over that, since I’ve been around to watch things from the beginning.

We joined another amazing couple friend of mine, went to a few parties on New Year’s Eve and managed to stay out of any sort of trouble involving fighting or the police.  There was a pet at one of the houses that caused us a good deal of worry, though.  Party House #2 had a huge fish tank in the living room and there was this massive goldfish floating around that wouldn’t stop swimming upside down.  That’s right, upside down.  It was funny for about a half a second then it became quite sad.  Since that night I’ve actually done some research and I think the fish has some sort of bladder problem (I’m aware I’m a bit of a nerd).  I wonder what the protocol is on contacting some dude you met one night at a party and telling him about the bladder issues of his large pet fish.  Where’s Mrs. Manners when you really need her?

Moving on.  If you’re on Facebook, then you know on New Year’s Day roughly 93% of the people posting updates were hung over and confined to their couch.  Apparently posting a new status was the only activity many of these people could handle.  I was oh so proud of myself and my buddies because none of us drank to excess and we all felt relatively decent the next day.  Decent enough to go to a dueling piano bar/cougar den that night!

Howl at the Moon is a bar (apparently there are a few around) where there are two pianos set up, each complete with singer/piano player.  The crowd suggests songs to play and the pianists basically battle it out on stage.  We heard everything from the Beatles to Baby Got Back, so of course it’s entertaining.  Actually it’s good, clean fun all around until you introduce $1 Long Islands to the mix.  And buckets of liquor.  And women wearing flapper outfits shooting jello shots out of giant syringes while sitting on your lap.  Then toss in a few older, sassy women and you wind up with me doing the twist with some strange elderly broad.  There is documentation to prove this but it will not be posted on the internets, ever.  This picture here (that does not include me or anyone I know) is as close as you’ll get.

The next day was not a hangover free one for yours truly.

Ironically, this was the most liquored up I’ve been in years, save maybe two crazy nights that were with family only.  That’s right, it’s typically my family that get me all tipsy-like but this time I did it to myself.  Thankfully everyone made it home safe, albeit at different times and via various routes.

Of course, I had also just rearranged my bedroom.  It looks much better now and the feng shui flows more appropriately but the recent rearrangement was not something my slightly over-the-limit self took into consideration.  I have a large bruise/scrape on my thigh and a cut under my eye to prove it.

What a mess.  Thankfully I had the wonderful boys at my apartment to bring me water and then laugh mercilessly at me the next day.  What else are friends for?  Here’s to a lifetime of pals like these!


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