Greetings to the blogosphere

November 18, 2009 at 6:13 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I’m not really sure what to expect with this whole new blogging adventure but I hope it can be something I actually keep up with.  I am in the midst of a pretty big break-up and I hope this will provide another avenue for distraction.  I doubt I’ll start a revolution or change the world with my pithy comments but I hope to create something slightly witty and entertaining, while documenting my journey along the way.  The only way out of this is through it, after all.

So where to begin?  How about with a humorous anecdote from my train ride home last night.  I will admit (begrudgingly) that I have read the books that sparked this whole vampire craze.  I did the Twilight thing sometime last year and while I’m not proud, I did read them.  They were fast and easy, much like a trampy girl on a Saturday night.  While I got into the story and got through the books, MANY aspects offended my feminist sentiments and that was something hard to look past.  Regardless, I got through them quickly and enjoyed them to some extent.  I’m currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, which prompted the TrueBlood show on HBO.  I don’t know why I’ve gotten so into it but again, they’re quick reads and right now in the midst of my own personal I-just-got-dumped pity party they provide a nice distraction.  Anyway, I was sitting on the train heading home last night when I noticed that the good-looking, masculine guy sitting across from me was reading Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series.  He had taken off the book jacket to (I assume) detract from the obvious-ness of what he was reading, but I was on to him.  As we lurched along on the train I caught his eye and had to ask what he thought about them – it’s rare that I’ve seen men my age with those books, so I was curious.  Apparently he loves them and is on his fourth time rereading the series.  I fought the urge to laugh out loud as we then moved into a conversation about vampire books in general.  The guy sitting next to him (who was reading The Dark Tower series by Steven King…I don’t know why I notice these things but I do) joined the talk as I mentioned TrueBlood and we continued talking as arrived at our stop.  Actually, we almost missed our stop because we were so into this conversation.  I guess this isn’t really that great of a story or anything, but it made me smile to share a guilty “girl” pleasure with a random man.  Ok that sounds kind of inappropriate but you get the idea.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get a group from my train together to go to the premiere of the new Twilight movie?  Right, that’s not going to happen since I actually have no desire to see the flicks.  I’d just be happy for more literary conversations with people on the train, even if they are about angsty teenagers and the fangs who like them.

This post raises a question – has anyone ever gotten into an argument with a complete stranger over a book?  I once had a very short, very heated debate over the character of Howard Roark from The Fountainhead with a guy on a bus in NYC…and even though I’ll never see that man again, I rest assured knowing that I was right.

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